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Mary Jane Crazy Train - Split Sofa Interview Oct 2018

                  MARY JANE, CRAZY TRAIN

It’s been over 3 years since Split Sofa have released an album but on the horizon lies a pure gem of a product that really stands out as a sofa classic. 

Sofa in that time have upped the discography by releasing EP Treadbare (March 2017) and releasing two singles Such a long long time (Dec 2017) & Shame (May 2018) which was released to coincide with their annual pilgrimage to the world famous ‘Cavern Club’ in Liverpool

P - I was having a listen through all the releases you have done mate and It's quite impressive to say the least. Your new self titled album is it done yet?

L - Most of the albums done but I have been feeling a little burnt out with it all as I have been working full time on the project since May of 2017. The tracks were recorded very quickly so for the first time ever the guys have been waiting for me not the other way around. I have took time out but I am picking it soon and finishing the last song then get it mastered

P- I can say though the cover is very impressive and will leave people very surprised

L - I hadn’t started to think of the album cover until February 2018 and I needed to raise the bar and better ‘Thornby Park’. You cannot have a terrible cover following that album, we had to go one step above

P - Well, you certainly done that

L- It had to be done Lol

P- So what’s different from Thornby Park to Split Sofa Album

L- The Cover Lol, Thornby park for me is quite a sad album. I lost my Mum and brother in the time frame of 5 months while we were recording and writing it. After we had done that album I wanted to get back to SOFA ROCK and back to basic’s sort of rockier sound so I started an unreleased EP but we go half way through and it sort of died a death and was put in the vaults. When we had new band members join we jammed a little and the sound sort of changed and we began to record with a massive push this lead me to again pick up on the new sound and we released THREADBARE EP
P- Yes Pete Garyga your  bass player is solid and weaves himself through this album

L - yes pete fills the music really well, he is not how many notes can I add to a bar to make me look good sort of guy , he is deffo a musician who understand a song. Magic Alex is more like a Mini Roger Moggs, It’s quite erie really.Both these guys have given me encouragement to carry on with live work also Roger’s been very supportive

P- This albums kinda got it all. I take it you are really happy with it all

L - Yes, all the instruments were all done by May of 2018 and since then I have been putting it together. I worked on it full time for 6 months. Some have already been mastered by Michael and Izzy in Melbourne Australia who are brilliant at mastering and it helps that they like the songs I am sending them. All the songs on the album were written as we went along so it kept that freshness and hopefully that comes over

Backstage @ The Cavern, Liverpool
P - It certainly does I think it’s Sofa Rock with a massive step up

L - Thanks you cannot do everything the same. If all songs sounded the same I would stop. Wants the point of repeating yourself? Wasted energy.

p- So what does the future hold for Split Sofa

L - The album will be released before May 2019. We have a major advertising campaign drawn up. When you have a cover like that you want the world to see it, We have a few events lined up so 2019 looks quite busy

P- I wish you luck with the new album and say Hi to  the guys from me

L - Thanks I will

P - The discography of split sofa is quite impressive. I left a guy who remains focused and hopeful that the music they release will be picked up by someone from the industry and I feel that in time this may happen. Stranger things have happened. 

Let it be said I am not an album man at all but I feel you have gotta be kinda brain dead not to like this album or not to be drawn in by the melodies and damn good musicianship from; Pete Garyga, Joe Nicklin, Martin Gilman & Magic Alex Ganley. Long live Sofa Rock & so say all of us.

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